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Company profile

Syveco is part of Thermador Groupe, a French master stockist providing valves and fittings for industrial applications, HVAC systems, and hydraulic installations. We also supply technical items for a great number of other specific activities, such as heating, plumbing, pumps, sanitary taps, or swimming pools.
Inside Thermador Groupe, Syveco is a branch dedicated to the export sector. We offer a wide range of products aimed at the European, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Our products come from carefully selected manufacturers in different countries, our major partners being European but also Asian. We work with them very closely in order to establish long-term partnerships in line with our requirements in terms of quality and social responsibility.

Thermador Groupe


Our promise

Our promise to our suppliers and customers is to always put forth a trustworthy and responsive team, as well as a wide selection of products.


Our values

Our company is also driven by a set of five major values:


We are fully and deeply committed to our customers, and we constantly work to satisfy their needs.


Our mission is to respond to our customers’ needs at all times, that is why our processes and our products are at the very heart of the way we work.


We value transparency towards our customers regarding our processes and products, as a medium for strong and fair partnerships. For this purpose, we focus on the origin of our products, on the manufacturers’ certificates for better traceability, and on our distribution policy.


For us, humility is the ability to be aware of our environment and to be ready to listen at all times in order to best serve our customers and industrial partners.


As explorers, we continually move forward with a view to provide solutions in new areas and improve customer relationships.

Our forty people do their best to offer the most efficient customer service.
First, about twenty outside sales executives travel every two weeks over fifty countries and through three continents (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) to meet partners and attend customer meetings.
Second, a team of inside technical sales representatives works on customer services every day, dealing with offers, order intakes, and customer care. Finally, logistics, marketing and administrative services give support to our sales force enabling them to maximise client satisfaction.
This type of multicultural collaboration also allows us to upgrade the contributions each member can offer.
Indeed, our dynamic and open-minded team members, come from very diverse cultural backgrounds. They are all bicultural people; or come from the countries they are in charge of. Thanks to their varied cultures and communication styles, they are able to cover a very large territory and to adapt to each customer. Their role is to assist our clients everywhere throughout our business network, keeping in mind our main keywords in terms of corporate and customer experience: enthusiasm, implication, efficiency, team spirit.


Thermador Groupe, including its subsidiary Syveco, performs the best practices in terms of quality.


Our Quality Manager collaborates with the Purchasing Directors and the Technical Managers of our suppliers to define quality objectives, analyse customer feedbacks and establish rank priorities.
With a view to continuous improvement, the quality processes put in place aim to:
• Improve the material selection process
• Reduce litigation related to misuse
• Offer an optimum after-sales service.

Implemented means

We develop strong relationships with manufacturers, including factory visits. We ensure that our suppliers’ products meet all prevailing technical and safety standards. At last, we put in place several controls during the lifetime of every product: after the initial control to validate the reference sample, we operate random controls defined at each receipt by the technical controller.

To carry out these controls, Thermador Groupe has various tools:
• A hydraulic (≤ DN 400, 110 bar) and a pneumatic test benches (≤ 8 bar)
• A X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
• The photo lab: a library that lists the characteristic features of each product potential defects and all the marking and tracing elements.
We have access to other means of additional controls if necessary and call upon the expertise of independent laboratories for advanced measurements and analysis.


Our history